Div-Ēx-Or (Latin)

1. She who pulls along, this way and that

2. She who harasses and plunders


Tetra Tonyx is the baddest, meanest, most hardcore human marine this side of the known universe. Her trash-talking alone is enough to mash up the formidable Squatix for breakfast and she literally spits them back out at their brothers and sisters, with her Apparitionator 9000, aka her Ghost Gun.

The enemy knows just how bad she is for their universal corporate business, Cell and blast her back in time to get rid of her for good. So far back, in fact, that Mars has just been destroyed by war between colonists and the aliens.

Tetra has no choice but to fight her way back to an extremely distant future in which war is all that people know, as they fight against the equally war crazed Squatix.

Along the way she will meet denizens of an era lost in time, fight aliens and mutants, pilot a variety of vehicles and wield an original arsenal of weapons.

This time the future is going to pay, for the mistake of sending her back to the past.


Divexor is a Sci-Fi, story driven game with RPG features, upgrades, collectibles and fast paced, action-oriented gameplay. It takes place in 3rd person format and is intended for players who like exploration, as well as cynical commentary and classic action orientated gameplay.


You can help tell this story by becoming a contributor on itch. Divexor is made by recent graduates and other experienced professionals. Supporting it will help to develop the local game industry in South Africa and by contributing your feedback will be taken into account in further iterations of the project, as long as it is relevant to the core of the game, as discussed above.